Matrix-IFS: Global Specialist in Financial Crime, Fraud Prevention and Compliance Solutions

Renan Levy, CEO, Matrix IFSRenan Levy, CEO
Today’s volatile economic environment is witnessing drastically increased opportunities and incentives to perpetrate financial crimes and frauds. As banks foray ahead of the digital tipping point, the flipside of technology breakthroughs jeopardizes operations by opening institutions to greater overall risk and compliance issues. “Increasing incidents of fraud and money laundering accentuate the need for right data, proper analysis and detection of the anomalies indicating potential frauds or misuse of money,” begins Renan Levy, CEO, Matrix International Financial Services (Matrix-IFS).

This concern laid the founding principle of Matrix-IFS. Today, the global company addresses the need for solutions in risk management, finance, operations and regulatory affairs for banks and financial services organizations. “Matrix-IFS specializes in providing critical services and solutions for top and mid-tier financial institutions to efficiently address their financial crime, fraud prevention and compliance needs,” states Levy. “We offer a multitude of services in the compliance landscape and financial crime, including anti money laundering, trade surveillance, capital market analysis, financial risk advisory services, and delivery of high-value business intelligence.”

“CCOs grapple with timely and cost-effective delivery on regulatory compliance requirements. Banks that recently merged or acquired other institutions further complicate these challenges,” says Levy. However, while managing the deluge of complex data from disparate sources, global companies often fall short in meeting these requirements and eventually incur fines and penalties. Addressing this challenge, Matrix-IFS provides cutting-edge big data and enterprise risk management solutions to help institutions develop agile Business Intelligence (BI). “We enable financial institutions to achieve timely and accurate response to increasingly complex federal requirements in a simplified, effective and affordable way. Our ability to automate manual processes by implementing data lakes and machine learning improves efficiencies and reduces cost,” extols Levy.

Our specialized analysis, strategy and implementation services help financial institutions more efficiently and cost-effectively manage compliance and thwart financial crime

Seasoned in financial services, the Matrix-IFS team assists clients in strategizing compliance, AML, surveillance and fraud prevention programs by developing comprehensive anti-fraud and compliance capabilities across multiple platforms and operational models. “We offer a whole spectrum of services to address specific client needs, from early stage analysis to strategy development and through full implementation. We are strategists, implementers, system integrators and consultants offering complete solution-as-managed-services, project-based, and more,” states Levy.

With broad expertise, Matrix-IFS serves a large client base worldwide. Recently, a top tier bank received a warning letter from the regulator and had to implement a compliance and AML system within 10 months to avert penalties and fines. However, the bank assessed that the process might take 2-3 years for implementation and turned to Matrix-IFS for help. The Matrix- IFS team worked closely with the client, implementing initial systems within the required time. As a result, the bank received an extension and ultimately was relieved of the order without having to pay any fine.

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial and executive management experience, Levy’s leadership expertise balances the company’s vision and its delivery and implementation of innovative solutions. Levy believes blending deep domain expertise in fraud prevention and compliance with wide technology proficiency drives success for Matrix-IFS and its clients. The company’s recent acquisition of the IT consulting and outsourcing company Network Infrastructure Technologies Inc. (NIT), has further expanded the Matrix-IFS business and technology solutions portfolio. “Leveraging the NIT consulting and outsourcing expertise will deepen our range of internal compliance offerings, expand our assortment of services and widen our global footprint, helping our clients more efficiently and cost-effectively manage compliance and thwart financial crime,” concludes Levy.