Top Risk and Compliance Solution Companies
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Top 10 Risk and Compliance Solution Companies - 2016

Risk and compliance programs in a banking environment are always confronted by the rapid and relentless disruptions in business, technology, and regulatory measures. Today, a financial institution has multiple disciplines under its risk and compliance umbrella, each of which has its own internal processes, policies, and controls. It is a lengthy process for an organization to manually reconcile the relationships and information across these programs, and as a result they struggle to gain end-to-end visibility on their operational and IT risk posture. It takes time for teams to assess the dependencies across risks, compliance, business, and operations. Consequently, many financial institutions remain exposed to recurring compliance and audit failures, data breaches, IP losses, and service performance issues.

Meanwhile, as the adoption and impact of big data analysis and cloud escalates in the technology arena, financial organizations are also shifting from legacy solutions to state-of-the-art technology. Various solution providers are offering comprehensive and new-fangled risk and compliance management solutions to assist banks promptly identity the ever-evolving threat agents, potential risks, and take adequate steps to mitigate and prevent potential losses.

To help CIOs navigate this landscape, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Banking CIO Outlook has selected the Top 10 Risk and Compliance Solution Providers that exhibit competence in delivering advanced analytics technology to fabricate a connected and robust financial mechanism.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Risk and Compliance Solution Providers 2016.

    Top Risk and Compliance Solution Companies

  • Offers on-premise and cloud-based big data products and services that make organizations more efficient in their managing their risk and compliance

  • Digital Guardian offers a unique data aware security platform designed to stop data theft across traditional endpoints, the corporate network and cloud applications

  • Delivers Master Data Management (MDM) and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) for trading, compliance, risk management, settlements and accounting purposes

  • Supporting top and mid-tier financial services institutions in addressing financial crimes, fraud prevention and compliance needs

  • A provider of banking technology solutions that provide a holistic view to real-time risk data

  • Providing customizable and smart SaaS solution for delivering decision-ready risk and compliance intelligence

  • Measuring risk with expertise in managing enterprise data

  • Provider of a web-based tool-based on FFIEC and NIST standards delivering automation horsepower to banks and credit unions

  • FIS


    Provides financial technology solutions for retail and institutional banking, payments, asset and wealth management, and risk and compliance

  • Temenos


    The Temenos Risk and Compliance solutions offer affordable ways to enhance a financial institution’s compliance department and automate risk management analytics